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Begini Pernyataan Resmi Facebook Indonesia

Ketua Komisi I, Abdul Kharis Almasyari - (Foto: Istimewa)
Selasa, 17 Apr 2018 | 16:41 WIB - Nasional

lBC, Jakarta - Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat (DPR) memanggil pihak Facebook Indonesia dalam forum rapat dengar pendapat yang berlangsung hari ini, Selasa 17 April 2018. Pernyataan resmi pihak Facebook Indonesia pun beredar di dunia maya.

Komisi 1 DPR RI memanggil pihak Facebook Indonesia terkait kebocoran data pengguna jejaring sosial terbesar di dunia itu ke perusahaan analis data, Cambridge Analytica.

Seperti diketahui, sebanyak 1 juta data pribadi pengguna Facebook di Indonesia berhasil diperoleh oleh pihak Cambridge Analytica yang diduga digunakan untuk membantu kampanye Donald Trump tahun 2016 lalu.

Ketua Komisi 1, Abdul Kharis Almasyari mengatakan pihaknya akan mendengarkan penjelasan dan kronologis dugaan penyalahgunaan data pribadi pengguna itu.

"Kita akan gali, kita dengarkan dulu penjelasan mereka menanggapi berita tentang bocornya satu juta lebih data pengguna di Indonesia yang merupakan bagian dari puluhan juta pengguna mereka," kata Kharis kepada wartawan.

Pihak pemerintah Indonesia melalui Kementerian Komunikasi dan Informasi (Kemkominfo) telah melayangkan teguran lisan dan tertulis kepada pihak Facebook Indonesia dan Asia Pasifik, karena masih ditemukannya aplikasi sejenis yang dikembangkan oleh Cambridge Analytica di platform jejaring sosial itu, yaitu CubeYou dan AgregateIQ.

Meski rapat dengar pendapat antara Facebook Indonesia dan Komisi I DPR RI masih berlangsung, di media sosial telah beredar surat pernyataan resmi yang dikeluarkan oleh pihak Facebook Indonesia.

Surat pernyataan resmi itu diunggah ke Twitter oleh jurnalis koresponden The Sydney Morning Herald dan The Age, James Massola. Dalam surat pernyataan yang dibagi menjadi tiga foto tersebut, tertulis bahwa terdapat lima anggota Komisi I yang hadir, yaitu Abdul Kharis Almasyhari, Bambang Wuryanto, Satya Widya Yudha, Hanafi Rais dan Asril Hamzah Tanjung.

Dalam surat tersebut juga disebutkan bahwa pihak Facebook diwakili oleh Ruben Hattari selaku Kepala bidang Kebijakan Publik Facebook Indonesia yang hadir di rapat dengar pendapat bersama Vice-President Kebijakan Publik untuk wilayah Asia Pasifik, Simon Milner.

Surat pernyataan Facebook Indonesia itu terbagi menjadi beberapa bagian, di antaranya menjelaskan misi yang diemban perusahaan, apa yang sebenarnya terjadi di kasus Cambridge Analytica dan terkait data pengguna Facebook tanah air.

Berikut pernyataan resmi Facebook Indonesia

"Our Mission and Facebook Indonesia"

Our mission is to give people the power to build communityand bring the world closer together. The community of people who use Facebook in Indonesia is important to us.

Over 1,15 million Indonesians use Facebook every month to connect with their friends, families, the businesses and the moments that matter to the most of them. We have always been ann optimistic and idealistic company which will continnue to empower the communities we serve.

Take the story of Bu Diah, a stay at home mother and a housewife, who started her business, Diah Cookies, to support her family after her husband lost his job.

Through Faceboos #SheMeansBusiness program, in partnership with Ibu Risma, The Mayor fo Surabaya and the Pahlawan Economi Project, she gained the business skills she needed to grow her business, which is now the primary source of income for her family.

Beyond the business community, Indonesians like Grace Melia ara using Facebook Groups to build community and a network of support for parents who have children with special needs. There are many more examples I can share, but these succes stories is a testament of the overall positive contribution of Facebook to life in Indonesia.

Our team in Jakarta is committed to helping Indonesians come together to build communities and support the broader industry through various initiatives to create bigger social and economic impact for the country.

We established Facebooks Indonesian subsidiary in 2017. Like the great majority of countries in the world, however, the Facebook service is provided in Indonesia by Facebook Ireland Limited.

On what actually happened in the Cambridge Analytica case

Id like to share what happened in the Cambridge Analytica case. We have been working hard to understand exactly what happened and to identify the steps necessary to make sure that it doesnt happen again. Updates will be published to our newsroom as matters progress.

In 2013, an app (this is your digital life) was developed by a researcher named Dr. Aleksandr Kogan. Dr. Kogan was not and is not employed by Facebook. At the time, he was an academic at Cambridge University. Dr. Kogans app (like many other apps that used the Facebook platform) used our generally available Facebook Login feature.

Facebook Login allows third-party app developers to request consent from Facebook users for their apps to access specified categories of users data. At the relevant time, it allowed those developers to request consent from users to access specific categories of data shared with those users by Facebook friends ( at all times consistent with, and subject to those friends privacy settings).

The use of Facebook Login is subject to terms set out in Facebooks Platform policy, which strictly prohibit the use of data collected in this way for other purposes.

Once obtained by Dr. Kogan, some Facebook user data was transferred by Dr. Kogan to Cambridge Analytica. Facebook did not permit or agree to that transfer and it happened in breach of Facebooks Platform policy. After learning about this from a media report, we acted in December 2015 to terminate the apps access rights to use Facebook Login and demanded that Dr. Kogan - as well as his company at that time, Global Science Research Limited ("GSR") and the other entities to whom they confirmed that they had disclosed data obtained via the app to account for and irretrievably delete all such data.

The app did not obtain sensitive account information such as passwords or financial information. The third party app developer in this case only had access to data taht users who installed the app consented to give to the app. In the case of such users friends, the data that those friends published on the Facebook Platform was made available to the app in accordance with their privacy settings.

Facebook platform was made available to the app in accordance with their privacy settings. Facebook Platform policies in place at the relevant time imposed a number of contractual requirements on app developers to conduct themselves appropriately on our platform, which Dr. Kogan violated.

In March 2018, as a result of inquiries received from the press, we learned that of allegations that some relevant parties had not deleted data as they had legally certified to us that they had.

We have been seeking to investigate this. As yet, we have obtained no proof which contradicts the deletion certifications but we are continuing to look into the issue, whilst ceding to the investigation of the UK Information Commissioner (the ICO). The ICO has asked the he hold off on certain auditing and fact-finding steps pending completion of their own invetsigation.

On Data Related to Indonesians

With regards to data related to Indonesians, the current information that we have is as follows:

- We understand that 748 people in Indonesia installed the app thoughout its lifetime on the Facebok Platform (i.e., from November 2013 when the app went live to no later than 17 December 2015), which is 0.25% of the apps total worldwide installs.

- We further understand that 1,095,918 additional people in Indonesia were potentially affected, as friends of people who installed the app.

- This yields a total of 1,096,666 potentially affected people in Indonesia, which is 1.26% of the global number of potentially affected people.

I should also make the following points of the approach that we have taken to identify people affected.

- Location has been used to identify those affected. Location is not an indication of nationality or citizenhip and may not, in some cases, indicate actual place of residence.

- These figures do not include people who may have installed the app but then subsequently deleted their Facebook account, as we no longer hold that data.

- These figures also may be over-inclusive. We have not retained data regarding when individual users installed the app. As a result, we have had to include in these figures anyone who installed the app during its lifetime, and anyone who may have been friends on Facebook with any of those people at the time between when the app first became active on the Facebook Platform in November 2013 and when the apps access to friends data was limited in May 2015.

They also include users who may have changed their settings to disallow sharing of their data with apps authorized by their friends. We believe this figure may over-count the total number of users whose data was in fact accessed by the app; however, we wanted to be as comprehensive as possible in our analysis.

- These figures may be significantly larger than the actual count of people whose data was shared with Cambridge Analytica by Dr. Kogan . Dr. Kogan has said publicly that he only shared data with Cambridge Analytica for US users of his app.

We wish to reiterate that Facebook did not agree to or approve any use of data obtained by Kogans app by Cambridge Analytica. Both Dr. Kogan and Canbridge Analytica acted as independent third party data controllers, and determined the purposes for which, and the manner in which, any data they obtained was processed.

It is important to note that there has been no data breach of Facebooks systems. This is not a case of any party infiltrating Facebooks system or evading data security measures. It was however a breach of trust and failure on our part to adequately protect peoples data, and we are sorry that this happened.

We are undertaking a thorough review of our platform to ensure Facebook users data (including the data of Indonesian Facebook users) is protected and that our service complies with all applicable laws. We would be happy to keep you updated on the review of our Platform that is being conducted and provide you with information regarding the outocome of that review.

We can also confirm that the thisisyourdigitallife apps access rights to use Facebook Login were terminated by 17 December 2015. As a result Facebook users, including Indonesian Facebook users, have not been able to access it through our platform since that date.

On the steps were taking.

I would like to share with you the steps were doing to adress this and prevent it from happening again.

First, we are getting to the bottom of exactly what Cambridge Analytica did. We notified everyone potentially affected, including more than 1 million Indonesians last week.

Second, to make sure no other app developers are misuding data, we are now investigating every single app that had access to a large amount of information in the past and if we find someone improperly used data, well ban them from Facebook and tell eveyone affected.

Third, to prevent this from ever happening, we are making sure developers cant access as much information here. The good news is we already made substantial changes to our platform policies in2014, which would have prevented this specific situation with Cambridge Analytica from occuring today.

Wed like to make clear we understand how serious our responsibility is to ensure the tools we build are used to advance our social mission of connecting people, building community, and bringing the world closer together.

It is clear now that we didnt do enough to prevent these tools from being used for harm. We didnt take a broad enough view of our responsibility, and that was a big mistake, which our CEO has taken responsibilty for, and we apologies for here today.

We understand there is a lot more work to do, and we happy to share further details on the steps we are taking.

Thank you for having us todau. Simon Milner and I are ready to take your questions.[lnilah]



Begini Pernyataan Resmi Facebook Indonesia




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